This site is for friends of Turkey for them to share everything in here with their friends all over the world and or future friends and lovers of Turkey who we strongly hope will visit this paradise country at one stage of their lives.

After almost 10 years of a presence on the web, we have recently changed the looks of our website to run it more efficiently and now use wordpress format which is more friendly and easier to handle.

We hope our website will serve the purpose of promoting Turkey by showing beautiful videos of historical places and tourism resorts from all over the country.. and it is a pleasure for us to give the people of our globe the opportunity to have Turkey and her beauties within a click-reach distance.

Please, “DO VISIT US” AGAIN because each time you do, you are very likely to find new videos uploaded.

Please also write to us if you would like to see videos of a specific place or event and we will do our best to put them here for you.