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Mud Bath – Dalyan / Turkey

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You can visit the mud baths via a boat trip up the Dalyan river. The mud baths are said to make your skin soft afterwards. You have yourself covered in mud you then stand in the sun to let it dry, then depending on your choice you can swim in the lake or use the […]

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Real Istanbul life

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A beautiful video about life in Istanbul.. Shot and edited by Ali ABBASOV.. In video you can see many fragments from daily life of inhabitants of the city… Needless to say there is so much more to it.. But ABBASOV has done a good job.. Thanks for the beautiful work.

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Top 15 Places to See in Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul which was the capital of East Roman Empire (Byzantium) and the Ottoman Empire for many years offers foreign tourists so many opportunities and places to visit and see … Istanbul connects Asia to Europe and is a very crowded mega town with all the hustle bustle but also an immense hub of culture, history […]

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Boat tour on the Bosphorus

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Bosphorus is one of the major attraction spots in Istanbul.. It is a channel (strait) that divides (or links maybe) Asia and Europe.. One can see beautiful old mansions, houses, palaces etc and scenery on both sides of the strait.. Tourists prefer to go on boat tours with professional guide to enjoy these beauties…

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Akyaka.. a charming small coastal town on the Turkish Aegean

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Akyaka is situated in the province of MuÄŸla, in the southwest of Turkey, at the eastern end of the Gökova gulf, between Marmaris, Mu?la and Bodrum. It is not a crowded place with a couple of thousands of inhabitants in the winter time. In the summer the place gets crowded. The main attraction for most […]

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Antalya .. Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean Coast

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Antalya is a city in southern Turkey. The city is in the Mediterranean Region and along the coast of Mediterranean Sea. with approximately 2,5 million inhabitants. As for tourism revenues, Antalya is among the most important tourism destinations in Turkey among a few others ssucch as Bodrum. The city receives many foreign visitors from countries […]

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