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Antalya .. Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean Coast

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Antalya is a city in southern Turkey. The city is in the Mediterranean Region and along the coast of Mediterranean Sea. with approximately 2,5 million inhabitants. As for tourism revenues, Antalya is among the most important tourism destinations in Turkey among a few others ssucch as Bodrum. The city receives many foreign visitors from countries […]

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Bodrum .. Turkish Holiday Paradise

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Homer describes Bodrum as “The land of eternal blue” and the words of another resident of Bodrum, Cevat Sakir, who said “The heavenly bliss of life in Bodrum is better than any eternal bliss that may await us” were not without foundation in reality. Throughout history of Bodrum, known as Halicarnassos in ancient times, has […]

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Izmir.. A Fantastic Turkish port town on the Turkish Aegean

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Izmir .. Izmir, formerly Smyrna, is a city and seaport in western Turkey, capital of Izmir Province, at the head of the Gulf of Izmir. Izmir is one of the chief seaports of Turkey and is served by several railroads. It is also a commercial and industrial center; dyes, soaps, and textiles are manufactured and […]

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