Life in Turkey


Always hospitable, the people of Turkey are as diverse as their countrys landscapes. Bridging two civilizations as east meets west, a person’s culture depends on their ethnic background and the place where they were born or where they live. But one constant, wherever you go in Turkey, is that you are guaranteed many encounters with Turkish people, mostly Muslim, who will go out of their way to share what they have with you, whether a glass of tea or food off their table. Moreover they will take you by the hand if you ask for directions.


Turkish people who live in the resorts, large towns and cities have a similar culture to us, so visitors have no problem feeling at home. And, in major cities like Istanbul you will find exclusive clubs and designer shops selling the latest fashions alongside traditional bazaars where it iss fun to haggle for a bargain or two.And, you do not have to worry about missing that important football game because it is bound to be showing live on TV at one of the bars in your nearest resort.Meanwhile, life in Turkey’s rural communities continues as it has for centuries, almost untouched by developments in the western world. Here family is very important, it is not unusual to find 3 generations of a family living together and age old traditions and religion influences how people live their lives.


“Many” Turkish people are passionate about their pastimes, whether an opera, ballet or rock concert or an awesome Champions League cup final at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, they know how to appreciate the important things in life – Still there are many others in the country who spend their time in struggling to make a living in the first place.

Among other cultural pursuits you may come across from time to time are:

  • Oil Wrestling, best seen at Edime’s Kirkpinar Festival
    Camel Wrestling, seasonal bouts between two male camels
    draws the crowds across the Aegean area
    Haggling, traditional and always expected in markets and bazaars
    Whirling dervishes, religious driven twirling by members of a sect
    founded by Sufi mystic, Mevana
    Turkish baths, sensual comforts of Turkey
    And TURKISH TEA .. Which you would find “everywhere” ..