Top 15 Places to See in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul which was the capital of East Roman Empire (Byzantium) and the Ottoman Empire for many years offers foreign tourists so many opportunities and places to visit and see …

Istanbul connects Asia to Europe and is a very crowded mega town with all the hustle bustle but also an immense hub of culture, history and gastronomy.

In video you can watch the oldest part of the city, the Sultanahmet District with many spots of attraction.

Furthermore you can watch a 300-year-old Turkish Bath (CaÄŸaloÄŸlu Hamam) and go on shopping to the world famous Grand Bazaar..

Certainly the Bosphorus is in the list with a fantastic boat tour on the river..

Thereafter attraction spots such as BEYOÄžLU which is where the heart of the town beats with many eating and entertainment places….

And the rest … Well, best to watch the video for more surprises ..

Thanks David.. and a lot 🙂


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